Labour counts

These views carry no authority and none is claimed. LP members may access current rules on the LP website.

On the issue of Labour Party Rules and members grievances:  If there is a complaint concerning the selection of parliamentary candidates then the LP rules do allow the NEC to direct this process and have full discretion on all matters.

However if there is complaint concerning a failure of specified individuals to conform to party rules it is suggested the complaint is submitted via the CLP party officers [preferably with the authority of GC] direct to the National Constitutional Committee. The NCC will also be able to send more detailed information on this procedure, not already covered under Chapter 6 of the rule book, prior to any formal submission of the complaint [contact the secretary of the NCC for this].

It is important to note that should you wish to pursue this or any other matter through a court you would need to demonstrate you had pursued all internal remedies as set down in the rule book, including reference to your regional office, and it is therefore important all correspondence is logged and chased.

On the issue of the county court: This I would have thought can only be pursued by an individual, based on breach of contract and remedied by damages. Although in certain cases remedies may be sought through the Human Rights Act. New procedures on money claims now allow for fast track testing of issues which may connect with the Human Rights Act. The government's new Court Service website provides useful information on money claims and fast tracking. Professional legal advice should be sought prior to any action

On the broader issue of discrimination in the Labour Party: Much of UK discrimination law [equality on pay, sex, race, disability etc] is resolved through tribunal and inevitably dovetails with employment legislation. A view has been expressed that the LP may have avoided their responsibility on equality legislation based on the non-employer with its members.

The Labour Party, notwithstanding, can take considerable credit for contributing to, shaping and determining just legislation on equality and non-discrimination in all areas of society, both in the UK and globally.

M. Allott
Member Romsey CLP