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Labour National Executive Committee

Ann Black:Personal Manifesto and CV

  photo of Ann Black
Constituency:  Oxford East
Membership No:  A353890
NEC Elections 2002

Re-elect Ann Black for 2002 / 2004

Labourís second landslide should have made 2001 a year of pure celebration.  But with foot-and-mouth disease, the horror of 11 September and renewed conflict between nations, it did not feel that way.  Low turnout, especially of young people, and falling membership and activism warned that victory is fragile. 

Fresh ideas on student finance and Railtrack show encouraging willingness to review unpopular policy.  Now we need courage to see through the necessary change.  We have a mandate to put public spending before tax cuts, and three years to deliver.  Education is already benefiting, and would do even better without gimmicks or selection.  Health is now top priority, and solutions should be sought within the NHS, not from private profiteers.  London Underground should stay publicly-owned, and our universal postal service cannot be allowed to collapse.  Pensions and other benefits should be indexed to earnings. 

Internationally Labourís good work on debt relief must not be undermined by flogging expensive military hardware to the starving, and September showed National Missile Defense to be irrelevant as well as destabilising.  The advent of the Euro demands wide debate within the party well before any referendum. The next Commons decision on fox-hunting should finally be carried into law.  And with many all-out local elections in May, Labour must value and respect its councillors.  Campaigners need help in fighting BNP racism, and ammunition against LibDem as well as Tory opponents.  

Looking Forward 

The key to revival lies in listening to members.  I have always encouraged participation through local forums as well as General Committees, but this time contributions must be seen to influence national policy.  From the Industry policy commission I intend to improve communication with constituencies.  On the Organisation Committee I will continue to promote the rights of ordinary members, to oppose selection stitch-ups, and to uphold party rules.  I support strong union links at every level.  

I report directly by e-mail after every NEC and National Policy Forum meeting, and past accounts are at     Please ring, write or contact me at  for individual mailings, or just to talk.  I rely greatly on your feedback, and ask again for your support. 


Labour Party:  Member since 1982.  Former branch election organiser, constituency Chair, Conference delegate.  Current constituency secretary, member of Regional Board.  Elected to the National Policy Forum by West Midlands CLPs in 1998 and South-East CLPs in 1999.  Elected to the NEC in 2000, and appointed to the Party Development, Finance and Womenís Committees.  Re-elected in 2001 and appointed to the Organisation Committee and the Industry policy commission. 

Trade Union:  NALGO from 1982, UNISON from 1993.  Former branch Chair, secretary.  Current service conditions secretary, branch negotiator, member of UNISON's National Political Committee. 

Other:  Staff Governor at Oxford Brookes University, where I work as a computer programmer.  Vice-Chair, Labour Reform.  Member of Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, Campaign for a Democratic Upper House, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Britain in Europe, Ramblers' Association.